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Common causes of voice problems in children:

Voice misuse can lead to Vocal Nodules

What are Vocal Nodules?

Vocal nodules are noncancerous growths on the vocal cords. They are formed due to a thickening of the lining of the vocal fold due to repeated pressure (stress) on the same area of the vocal cords. Vocal nodules affects the voice resulting in hoarseness or decreased volume.

A poor voice quality may make it difficult for a child to communicate effectively. This may affect their self-esteem, confidence or singing ability.

Caring For Your Voice

Voice Tips for Children with a Hoarse Voice or Vocal Nodules

Sometimes, people hurt their vocal cords and they get bumps on them.

These make your voice sound harsh because the air cannot go past the bumps smoothly. Others may get sore swollen vocal cords or blisters on them.

In caring for children’s voices, we aim to do Three Things

Ten Tips For a Healthy Voice

Some signs include:

Positive Reinforcement for Voice Management in Children

Voice Treatment for a Hoarse or Strained Voice

Voice therapy aims to help your child learn a healthy and safe way to use a loud voice without hurting his or her vocal cords, squeezing or tensing the “false vocal cords”, or allowing too much air pressure to build up beneath the vocal cords when speaking.

We work together with you to help motivate your child in voice therapy using evidence-based treatment approaches.

Voice therapy strategies may include:

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