Speech Therapy

Our Philosophy

At The Speech Practice, we believe communication is the cornerstone for building lasting relationships and confidence to succeed in life.

The gift of communication and swallowing is often taken for granted. We aim to help individuals achieve their fullest potential using evidence-based best practice to ensure quality intervention outcomes.

We also collaborate closely with families and specialists in our work to ensure holistic care is provided to you.

Our Services

Children Speech Therapy

Children in their early years tend to pick up speech styles really quickly. Enhance their communication skills though training.

Adult Speech Therapy
Age does not matter, enhance the way you speak with 1 to 1 consultations.
Accent Modification
Be heard and increase your versatility, enhance your diction and speech clarity.
The Speech Practice supports you in your home through online therapy.

Good Reads & Helpful Tools

The Red Chewy Tube is a therapy tool designed to teach chewing, biting, as an aid to reduce teeth grinding and promote jaw strength in oral motor exercises. Benefits: For chewing and biting skills, TMJ...


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