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Helping Your Child Pronounce Tricky Sounds Like R, S, K And G


Pronunciation is considered to be the most common type of speech problem that parents notice in their children. Difficulties with language and speech can affect how your child expresses their thoughts, which can lead to...

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Should you be speaking Singlish to your child?


“Auntie, want to go makan? I go chope seat, you go order first lah!” Daily life in Singapore is so steeped in Singlish that it is nearly impossible to avoid it. Youngsters address their elders...

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9 Strategies To Raise A Child Who Speaks With Confidence


As a parent, you want your child to speak confidently to their friends as well as adults, and also to be able to take part in conversations and not be afraid to express their ideas...

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8 Ways to Boost your Baby’s Speech and Language Skills


Did you know that you can give your baby an early advantage in developing high quality speech and language skills? Experts are now saying that the number of words your child hears as an infant...

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When Kids Speak With A Lisp: How To Fix It


“Mummy, can I feed the ‘animalth’ at the ‘thoo’?”

Does this sound familiar? If your child speaks like this, they may have something known as a lisp. A lisp usually only affects the way a child is understood slightly. However, it may have a significant effect on their “image” which can lead to all sorts of other issues.

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