Payment Policy

1. Initial Consultation (First Visit)
2. Subsequent Sessions
3. Payment
4. Cancellation or Rescheduling of Appointments
5. Replacement sessions
6. Cancellations by The Speech Practice

If you go on holiday for more than two weeks, we may not be able to hold your regularly scheduled appointment time. You may have to re-arrange a suitable time slot.

As our valued clients, we endeavor to give you priority for your weekly timeslots. However, kindly note that we have an online booking system and from time to time we host international clients for intensive block sessions. Hence there may be instances where your regular slot may not be available. Slots are not guaranteed until it is confirmed through payment.

😊Thank you 😊

Financial Options

The Speech Practice is an approved healthcare institution under the Baby Bonus Scheme. You can use funds in the Child Development Account (CDA) to pay for your child’s treatment.

Further information regarding Baby Bonus can be obtained from:


Tel: 1800 253 7707


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