Adult Stuttering

Lisa Lim is an experienced speech therapist who has helped to improve my oral communication skills greatly. Before I met her in 2007, I had difficulty speaking full sentences without stuttering. Repeating a word multiple times, experiencing long and painful pauses in the middle of speaking a sentence – these happened daily in my life. Before long, my confidence to speak among a group of friends diminished, and I avoided public speeches at all costs; my confidence waned. However, Miss Lisa Lim patiently helped me through this difficult time, teaching me various techniques to cope with the speech defects I am experiencing. Her constant encouragement helped pull me out of the psychological barrier I faced due to my lack of confidence. Slowly, through applying the techniques she taught me, I managed to speak more eloquently and coherently with no long pauses or stutters in my sentences.

Through the real-life situations she put me in, such as calling the zoo to enquire about their ticketing prices, and inviting her friend to sit in and talk to me, these experiences have helped boost my confidence as well. Her warm and encouraging personality has made me feel more comfortable when speaking to her during the speech therapy sessions, and her evident willingness to help me improve no matter what is what struck me the most.

Today, I am able to make speeches without batting an eyelid. Gone were the days when I had a fear of public speaking before I met Miss Lim. I speak to my friends as naturally as I want, and the remnants of stuttering problems I had is now history. I believe Miss Lisa Lim will be an asset to anyone who chooses her as their therapist, as I have done before.
Claude Tan (name has been changed for confidentiality reasons)
01 February 2012

Stuttering – Preschool

When we moved to Singapore, Michael was stuttering. He had just turned 3 and was learning both French and English. We were worried and felt really bad for him. The sessions with Michael were very helpful. First, Michael loved going there. Being the third in the family, it was probably a privileged time with him! He had 2 persons (Lisa and I) entirely dedicated to him for one hour!

At home, I followed diligently the instructions that Lisa gave me and in 3 months approximately the stuttering went down from a rating of 7 to a rating of 1. We went back to France for the summer and I guessed concentrating on French (mother tongue) really helped him to strengthen his ability to speak.

When we came back to Singapore, he went back to speaking English and French without any problem. I think tackling the problem early with a rational method really helped. Now, Michael talks about the place that he was going to “when the words were bumping in his head” with a big smile! Thank you Lisa!
Mother of Michael,
3 years

2 April 2011


My daughter Joy had experienced difficulty in saying some of the sounds, such as “s”, “sh” and “ch”. We were advised by her teacher to seek professional speech therapy when she was five years old. With the help of Lisa, Joy learned how to speak clearly and achieved 100% accurately in all the sounds! We fully appreciate what Lisa has done for us!
Mother of Joy,
5 years

10 March 2012

Hypernasal Speech

Our son Johan, age 6, had his tonsils and adenoids removed which caused his voice to change completely. After the surgery, he developed a very nasal speech and at times we found it very difficult to understand what he was saying. Lisa started working with Johan and he made very rapid progress. From time to time after seeing Lisa, his speech and expressions clearly improved and after 10 sessions he was doing so well that it was decided to discontinue the speech therapy. Lisa has a fantastic way of working with children as it never felt like school or hard work for Johan. He always enjoyed going to see her and the therapy itself was done through playing games, reading books, etc. We only have the warmest recommendation to give to Lisa.
Lotte Bonderup,
mother of Johan (aged 5)

9 December 2012

Phonological Delay (Speech)

Dear Lisa,

It was a great 3 months learning journey for Javier and for me and my husband as well! I must say there’s a vast improvement in Javier’s articulation. This has definitely boosted his confidence when interacting with his peers as well as when he is communicating with us.

Many of our immediate family members also noticed his improvement (most were not aware that we put him on speech session) so we are glad that the efforts paid off. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your patience, your creativity to use the various activities that you have planned which manage to capture his interest in learning, and your professional advice on how we can help him at home.

We wish you all the best and I’m sure Javier will miss the sessions at your office.
Once again, thank you very much!
Mrs Teo, mother of Javier,
aged 3 years 4 months

28 October 2013

Articulation (Speech)

Isabel was 5.5 years old but had considerable difficulty articulating consonant blends such as “cr” and “br” words, or even simple “r” words. However, she was able to do so after having weekly sessions with Lisa at Speech Practice over a period of just two months! The vast improvement in her speech greatly boosted Isabel’s self-esteem and she is now much more confident when speaking to her friends.
Diana Lee,
mother of Isabel Yap (aged 6)

17 November 2013


Our son Ethan was born 2 months premature. Just after 2 years old we sent him for several tests and he was diagnosed with mild language delay. Our pediatrician recommended Lisa Lim’s speech therapy for our son. We started sessions with Lisa in June 2012. After 7 months with Lisa, we saw a noticeable improvement in Ethan’s vocabulary. He started saying only basic nouns like mommy, daddy, and some body parts to being able to string small sentences together and understanding the meaning of simple verbs. We are very grateful for the therapy Lisa provided and the extreme patience she showed with our sometimes, temperamental son. She provided us with very useful advice which we still use today on Ethan. We would highly recommend Lisa Lim’s Speech Practice to any parent who has a child with similar speech/language development issues.
Raymond Yallop,
Father of Ethan Taylor Yallop,
aged 2 years 9 months

10 February 2013


My husband and I were advised to seek out speech therapy for our son when he was two years old, after being diagnosed with speech delay. This journey of a speech disorder is a difficult one, but I am so thankful that we found Dr. Lisa Lim to help and guide us along the way.

Dr. Lisa Lim is a real professional in that she is very knowledgeable about her field, passionate about what she does and most importantly, she really cares about how speech impacts a child’s overall development. She was able to address my son’s needs quickly and developed a wonderful rapport with him. He looked forward to working with her every week. Lisa was also able to address all the questions and concerns we had about our son’s speech development, which is very helpful as parents. After 14 months of therapy, our son caught up with his language development and no longer needed services. Currently, at the age of four, he is often praised for his language skills and vocabulary.

I am forever grateful for the key role Lisa played in getting our son to talk and for the support my husband and I were given along the way. I would highly recommend Dr. Lisa Lim to anyone who looking into speech services for their children. We are very grateful and much appreciation for her devoted work and patience with our son.
Mother of Nicholas (name has been withheld for privacy reasons),
aged 3 years 4 months

15 August 2018


We went to Dr Lisa with our 3 years old son Matei and discovered that he had at least 1 year delay in terms of speaking. 6 months later he was able to put sentences and speak phrases thanks to Dr Lisa and her speech therapy methods.

We are very grateful and much appreciation for her devoted work and patience with our son.
Daniel and Valy,
parents of Matei Dan,
aged 3 years 6 months

28 October 2013

Specific Language Impairment

Sam was diagnosed of having Sensory Integration Disorder at the age of 10. And at the age of 11, we discovered that he also had a specific language impairment. As Sam progressed to secondary school, he found it even harder to cope with the school work as it had become increasingly challenging for him.

Sam was fortunate to have Lisa, who helped him made huge progress in the past 4 years. Under Lisa’s structural training, Sam was able to develop skills that not only helped him pass his English exams, but also helped him with his other humanities subjects in school. All these had also helped boost his self-esteem and confidence, which was so important for Sam.

Sam has just completed his O level, and we are so proud of him that he scored B4 for his English and B3 for his Literature/Social Studies.

Thank you Lisa. Your hard work and dedication are very much appreciated.
Mother of Sam (name has been changed for confidentiality reasons)
24 January 2016

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